What is Wordloo?

Wordloo is not a search engine, it's a tool for monitoring keywords and phrases in real-time across the Internet. Find specific, updated information, and cut through the clutter and ranking system of typical search engines.

Why Wordloo?

- Get real-time search results of your chosen topic from major sources on the Internet for free.
- No search engine clutter or ranking to contend with. You get the most up to date information as it happens.
- Allows you to research trends and competition.
- Gives you the ability to bookmark each keyword page in your browser to return any time you want for the latest updates (avoid the email clutter of alerts and RSS).
- Automatically see related topics based on your search.

Who should use Wordloo?

Wordloo is particularly useful to those of us tasked with keeping up to date on the competition, current events or other related topics. Writers, web content developers, marketers, public relations professionals and SEOs looking to save time, connect with new information sources, and develop more visibility for their Web sites should use Wordloo.